Resin Art Complete Course Jaipur

Resin Art Jaipur is your gateway to epoxy resin artistry, offering a diverse range of workshops and courses tailored for beginners, intermediates, and experts. While our offerings cater to all skill levels, we’re particularly dedicated to beginners. Our beginner-level courses serve as the perfect introduction to the captivating world of Epoxy Resin Art.

Whether you’re entirely new to this art form or aspire to establish a rewarding career in resin art, our courses are the ideal starting point. We provide a strong foundation by gradually building your skills and boosting your confidence. Artist Kavita Dadhich is committed to offering an encouraging environment and top-notch guidance, ensuring that beginners embark on their artistic journey with confidence. Our Resin Art Workshops offer in-depth knowledge, while our expert-level sessions transform you into a resin art connoisseur.

We also provide Professional-level Resin Art Workshops for advanced insights. Our courses are conducted both online and offline, promoting a seamless transition from beginner to intermediate and beyond, empowering you to develop the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in the field or simply create stunning art. Experience the Best Workshops in Jaipur, unlocking the artistry of epoxy resin. Join Resin Art Jaipur and excel in resin artistry.

Resin Art Complete Course for Beginners, Intermediate, Experts

Unlock the secrets of Advanced Resin Art in our comprehensive workshop. Whether you’re aiming to elevate your resin artistry to a Professional Level or seeking to launch a Resin Art Business, our workshops are your pathway to success. Join us in the vibrant city of Jaipur, where we’ve organized Professional-level Epoxy Resin Workshops for both Beginners and Intermediates. Learn practical, hands-on skills that will empower you to transition seamlessly from a Beginner to an Intermediate Resin Artist, equipping you with the expertise to create stunning resin art pieces.

Our workshops are tailored for those passionate about resin art and are eager to embark on a Resin Art Business Journey. We’re recognized as the Best Resin Art Workshop in Jaipur, offering Easy-to-Understand Training, expert guidance, and a Supportive Learning Environment. With a focus on Practical Skills and hands-on experience, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence needed to take your resin art to the next level and achieve Professional-grade Results.

Topics Will Be Covered in This Workshop

The topics covered in a resin art course typically include:

  • Introduction to Resin Art: Understanding the basics of resin, its types, and its applications.
  • Safety and Precautions: Learning essential safety measures while working with epoxy resin.
  • Materials and Tools: Exploring the materials and tools used in resin art, including resin types, pigments, molds, and more.
  • Mixing and Pouring Resin: Mastering the art of preparing and pouring resin mixes with the right consistency.
  • Creating Art Themes: Exploring different art themes such as abstract, nature-inspired, and contemporary.
  • Layering Techniques: Understanding layering methods to create depth and dimension in artwork.
  • Mold Selection and Handling: Choosing the right molds for projects and effectively working with them.
  • Embedding Objects: Techniques for embedding various objects like dried flowers, shells, and more into resin art.
  • Color Effects: Experimenting with a variety of pigments and colorants to create captivating color effects.
  • Resin Pigments and Dyes: Mastering the use of pigments and dyes to achieve vibrant and translucent color effects.
  • Finishing and Polishing: Learning how to sand, buff, and polish resin art for a professional finish.
  • Practical Art: Creating functional items like coasters, trays, and clocks using resin.
  • Troubleshooting: Identifying and addressing common issues in resin art effectively.
  • Art Business Insights: Understanding how to sell or exhibit resin art and potentially turn it into a business.
  • Advanced Techniques: Exploring advanced techniques like alcohol ink manipulation and marbling.
  • Resin Care and Preservation and Many More: Guidelines for preserving and maintaining resin artwork.

These topics can vary based on the course’s level, from beginner to advanced, and may be adapted to meet the specific needs and interests of participants.

Available in Offline and Online Mode

At Resin Art Jaipur, we offer our courses in both offline and online modes. Our virtual workshops are designed to provide you with the same high-quality resin art education from the comfort of your own space, accessible from anywhere in the world. For those who thrive on hands-on experiences and in-person interactions, our offline resin art workshops in Jaipur offer a creative haven. You can join us at our well-equipped studio, located at 1 Swroop Colony, 2nd Floor Krishna Tower, Heera Nagar Mode, Infonic Training, Ajmer Rd, DCM, Rajasthan 302021.

Our offline epoxy resin workshop in Jaipur welcomes participants from diverse areas across the city Vaishali Nagar, Mansarovar, Sodala, Nirman Nagar, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Shyam Nagar, Malviya Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Jhotwara, Sanganer, Chitrakoot, Jagatpura, Ajmer Road, Tonk Road, Kamla Nehru Nagar, or any other locality in Jaipur, we invite you to join us and experience the captivating world of resin art. Regardless of your location within Jaipur.

You Will Able to Crafting Various Items Post-Resin Art Workshop

At Epoxy Workshop Jaipur, we invite you to explore the endless possibilities of resin art. Our expertise encompasses a diverse array of resin art forms, including:

  • 3D Ocean Clocks
  • Table Clocks
  • Trays and Coasters
  • Abstract Coasters
  • UV Resin Pendants
  • MDF Trays
  • Nameplates
  • Photo Frames
  • Wall Art
  • Jewelry
  • Ocean-Themed Creations
  • Abstract Artworks
  • Functional Home Decor
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Mixed-Media Art
  • And Much More

Why Choose Our Expert Resin Art Workshop?

  • Mastery of Advanced Techniques: Dive deeper into the intricacies of resin art. Our seasoned instructors will guide you in mastering advanced techniques, including silicone mold usage, precise color mixing, and identifying quality materials.
  • The Art of Perfection: Learn how to achieve perfection in your resin art. From mold placement and well-finished creations to addressing major and minor errors, our workshop will ensure your work stands out and excels in a competitive market.
  • Sharing Experience and Knowledge: Our mentor will generously share their experience and knowledge, providing you with insights into recognizing quality materials, measuring articles, and choosing the right raw materials such as MDF, epoxy resin, colors, molds, and more.
  • Explore Themed Resin Art: Discover the beauty of themed resin articles. From crafting exquisite resin tables and ornate resin clocks to crafting personalized pendants, and photo frames, and preserving cherished memories in resin, you’ll explore a diverse array of resin art projects.
  • Business Expansion: If you’re seeking to diversify your resin art business and target larger cities, our workshop offers strategies for success. Learn how to market your creations effectively, price your artwork competitively, and attract a wider audience.
  • Comprehensive Resin Kit: Receive a complete resin and article kit that includes all necessary accessories and materials. Create stunning resin art with ease using crystal stones, silicone molds, sticker varieties, shlokas, clock mechanisms, needed tools, jewelry materials, ocean-themed items, metal handles, stands, resin, and MDF.
  • Lifetime Support: We’re committed to your long-term success. Enjoy lifetime support and gain access to our premium WhatsApp group, where you can collaborate with our artist and team to resolve any challenges you may encounter.
  • Online and Offline Learning: Our workshop is designed to accommodate diverse participants. Whether you’re in Jaipur or located elsewhere, our online and offline learning options ensure you can pursue your passion for resin art

Who Should Join this Course?

  • Beginners: If you’re just starting your journey in the world of resin art, this course is designed with you in mind. It covers all the fundamental aspects and techniques needed to build a strong foundation in resin art.
  • Intermediates: Intermediate-level artists who have some experience with resin art can further refine their skills and knowledge. This course offers insights into advanced techniques and complex projects to help you progress in your resin art journey.
  • Experts: Seasoned resin artists will appreciate the opportunity to explore intricate and challenging projects. The course provides a platform for experts to share their experiences, learn new techniques, and engage in collaborative projects with fellow experts.
  • Enthusiastic Beginners: If you’re passionate about art and eager to explore the captivating world of resin, this course is perfect for you. It provides a solid foundation in resin art, even if you have little to no prior experience.
  • Creative Individuals: If you love experimenting with various art forms, you’ll find this course an exciting new venture. It allows you to channel your creativity and create unique resin artworks.
  • Aspiring Art Entrepreneurs: For those looking to start a resin art business, this course equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to turn your passion into a profitable endeavor.
  • Art Enthusiasts: If you’re simply fascinated by the art of resin and want to learn more, this course will deepen your understanding and appreciation of resin as a medium.
  • Those Seeking Relaxation: Resin art is not just a career path; it’s a form of therapy for many. If you’re looking for a relaxing and enjoyable artistic outlet, this course can provide it.
  • Creative Professionals: Artists and designers seeking to incorporate resin art into their repertoire will benefit from this course by expanding their skillset.
  • Anyone with an Artistic Curiosity: If you’ve always been curious about resin art and are looking for a course that caters to your inquisitiveness, this is the right fit.

Fees And Duration of Course

The Resin Art Workshop Duration and Fee vary based on the specific course and its content. For accurate and up-to-date information regarding workshop duration and fees, we recommend contacting the workshop organization directly or visiting our official website ( or Whatsapp at 6376029476. This will provide you with comprehensive details on the workshop you are interested in, ensuring you receive the most accurate and relevant information.

You Will Get a Complete Resin Article Kit in This Resin Art Complete Course

In our workshop, we provide you with a comprehensive resin and article kit. This kit includes all the accessories you need, complete with images, to create stunning resin art:

Category Resin and Adhesives Safety Gear Measuring and Mixing
Materials – Epoxy Resin – Disposable Gloves – Mixing Cups
– Hardener – Respirator Mask – Stirring Sticks
– Adhesive Tape – Pipettes
– Adhesive Glue – Measuring Scale
Category Color and Pigments Molds and Shapes Tools
Materials – Resin Dyes – Silicone Molds – Heat Gun
– Pigments – Geometric Molds – Torch
– Alcohol Inks – Sphere Molds – Sandpaper
– Coaster Molds – Polishing Compound
– Tray Molds – Brushes
– Tweezers
Category Decoration and Embellishments Finishing and Display Learning Resources
Materials – Glitter – Easel Stands – Resin Art Guidebook
– Rhinestones – Display Trays – Step-by-Step Tutorials
– Crystal Stones – Keyrings and Hooks – Art Inspiration Catalog
– Dried Flowers
– Shells
– Stickers
– Foil Sheets

Workshop Address and Contact Information

Address: 1 Swroop Colony, 2nd Floor Krishna Tower, Heera Nagar Mode, Infonic Solutions, Ajmer Rd, DCM, Rajasthan 302021

Call or Whatsapp us: 6376029476

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